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Baby Blog

Back to School Sale!

Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Stock up on School Supplies!

Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Floor Model Sale

Date: Friday, July 25, 2014
Posted by: Kat

Please email any questions regarding pickup, or setup and delivery of floormodel furniture to Must arrange local pickup or delivery, unless you would like to make your own arrangements through UPS or Fedex for pack and ship.

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Style and Function!

Date: Thursday, May 08, 2014
Posted by: Kat


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Our Favorite Bath Time Products!

Date: Thursday, May 08, 2014
Posted by: Kat


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Feeding essentials!

Date: Thursday, May 08, 2014
Posted by: kat


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Too Cool for School Our Favorite Backpacks and lunchboxes!

Date: Thursday, May 08, 2014
Posted by: Kat


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Mothers Day Promo Sale!

Date: Monday, May 05, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Fun Diaper Bags

Date: Thursday, May 01, 2014
Posted by: Carrye

LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag Zoo Cute

13 x 13.75 x 7 in, 33.02 x 34.93 x 17.78 cm

Includes: Zipped main closure Front zipper pocket Back open pocket with changing pad Two open side pockets for bottles (not included) Two interior open pockets Stroller holder straps 11in (27.94cm) Handle drop Adjustable/Detachable shoulder strap (Max 50in/127cm)

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It's all about the Bugaboo

Date: Thursday, May 01, 2014
Posted by: Carrye

The iconic all-in-one stroller light and compact. It’s also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon³ can seamlessly adapt to your journey – whether that’s through the city, woods, sand or snow. The premium materials and endless accessory combinations will ensure your child stays comfortable in all weather conditions: spring showers, hot summer days, breezy autumn afternoons and cold wintry mornings.
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Stokke Steps

Date: Thursday, May 01, 2014
Posted by: Carrye

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Bloom into spring

Date: Thursday, May 01, 2014
Posted by: Carrye

The Bloom Alma Papa suitable from newborn to 4 years • low voc baby safe finishes. mdf-free, formaldehyde-free • manufactured to conform with globally recognized safety standards and norms. This crib is great if you need to save space and it also comes in a mini version.

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Spring has Sprung!

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Floor Model Sale

Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Posted by: kat

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Floor Model Sale

Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Floor Model Sale

Date: Wednesday, April 02, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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Spring Sale

Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014
Posted by: Kat

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End Of Season Sale!!!

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014
Posted by: kh

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Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Posted by: Carrye

We have some amazing new pieces in our spring collection starting to hit our store. We have cute new LMJ, Stella McCartney, and Pink Chicken. Stop by to dress up you little one with some great new attire...

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Semi-Annual Clothing Sale

Date: Saturday, July 27, 2013
Posted by: Phoebe

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Fall is the season for perfect prep looks!

Date: Friday, July 26, 2013
Posted by: Phoebe

Perfectly preppy looks for this coming autumn season. For the boys: LMJ button down paired with Scotch Shrunk cardigan and Ikks denim. For the girls: LMJ dress paired with Ikks plaid blazer.

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Patagonia Jackets are back!

Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013
Posted by: Phoebe

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Buy one clothing item, get one half off!

Date: Friday, June 07, 2013
Posted by: Phoebe Isaac


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1st Annual Petit Green Warehouse Sale!

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2012
Posted by: Griffin


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Mother's Day!

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith


              In celebration of Mother's Day this year, we talked to one of our favorite mommies, Tina Terry Yancey, about her upcoming Mommy Day plans. Mom to eight-year-old Hunter, three-year-old Alex, and one-year-old Romy, Tina regularly drives all the way from Marion to come see us at Polaris. We decided this time to trek her way. Alex (and his stunning head of platinum hair) greeted us at the back door, clad in IKKS. In fact, all of Tina's kids were sporting nautical IKKS (see above photo)! Sipping sparkling pink lemonade, we began our talk sesh. 

Petit Green: What's one of your favorite Mother's Day moments?

Tina: Well, last year we brought Romy home on Mother's Day. She had actually been due that day, but she was two weeks early. We decided it was time to bring her home! It was its own celebration because the kids were very excited to bring her home.

PG: How did the boys feel about having a little sister?

Tina: They loved her. They brought me food to the hospital. They were very sweet. Hunter plays with her and watches her - he's almost like a third parent!

PG: What kind of celebrating do you like on Mother's Day? Do you like being doted on? Or would you rather make it a family affair?

Tina: It's all about family, definitely. I don't really like to be doted on. My husband is pretty good about getting nice gifts, though. I'm not going to turn down a purse! Last year he got me a burberry bag!

PG: How are the kids? Do they know it's your special day?

Tina: Hunter's really good - he'll get me Tory Burch flip flops that he picked out. And he remembers when I wear them. He totally takes the reigns. Alex understands, and he's really sweet too.

PG: Finally, what are your plans for this Mother's Day?

Tina: We're going to my mother-in-law's house in Marion. It's her year - we alternate grandmas each year so no one gets upset!

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The Springtime Blues

Date: Sunday, April 15, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

     Bright colors, kicky prints, and floral accessories are obvious spring wardrobe staples. But we at Petit Green like to mix things up a bit. This season, we're feeling blue - in a good way. The color blue is definitely on trend (shout out to Beyonce's new baby girl!) Designers offered up a gorgeous array of bright blues and navies for their spring/summer 2012 collections, and we are loving the selection! The nautical, Hamptons-esque vibe of these hues is perfect for warm-weather dressing. It's good to be blue.

Trend: Navy + Red

Vogue Bambini January 2012 issue Catamini Pirate Outfit, $102.00

Trend: Royal Blue

 Little Marc Jacobs Dress,$136.50 Joe's Jegging, $54.00

Trend: Blue Plaid
Little Marc Button Up, $86.00 Little Marc Blouse, $88.00

Trend: Blue Gingham
Petit Bateau Romper, $65.00 3 Pommes 3-Piece, $96.00

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The Eco-Friendly Valentine

Date: Monday, February 13, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

Anna with Johnny DiLoretto and crew of Fox 28's Good Day Columbus

      Recently, I sat down with Anna Kuenzli, owner of Children's Art Studio, to talk about Valentine's Day crafts. Anna is the kind of girl who loves to improvise, so when I asked her to come up with a Petit Green Valentine, she took about two seconds to reach an idea. She came up with what she calls a "no fail project," or a project that allows kids to be creative and customize to their hearts' content without worrying about mistakes. Kids can use everyday household supplies, or opt for a greener alternative with non-toxic, recycled materials from the list below. Either way, they'll have fun and end up with a lovely Valentine's Day offering!
* Piece of recycled cardboard (from cereal box, etc.)
* Scissors
* Petit Green's Nontoxic Glue
* Yarn
* Reynold's Wrap 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil
* Petit Green's Nontoxic Markers
Nontoxic Markers: $7.99  Nontoxic Glue: $5.99
1. Cut piece of cardboard into a heart (fold piece symmetrically and    cut out half heart)
2. Draw decorative lines onto the heart in desired shapes
3. Carefully place a piece/pieces of yarn over glue lines (kids might    need help here)
4. Tear out appropriately sized aluminum foil sheet and wrap it          around the heart
5. Use fingers to mold the sheet to the heart, tracing along yarn        lines to contour
6. Use markers to color in the areas around the yarn lines
7. Step back and admire your beautiful new valentine!
Alexandra, 4, with the fruit of her imagination

     Thanks to Anna for the wonderful craft idea and photos! Anna offers innovative art classes for kids of all ages near Bexley on Thursdays and Saturdays and in Pickerington on Tuesdays. For more info, visit the Children's Art Studio website and blog

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Valentine's Day Gift List

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

                          Valentine's Day: a day about love, giving, and sharing. Oh, and candy. Remember the joy you felt in elementary school when you brought home a Valentine's Day pile of pastel-colored candy and Disney-themed cards? Brightening up mid-February with pops of pink and ruby, Valentine's Day is a great holiday for kids, teaching them to bond with peers and help everyone feel included. To celebrate, we came up with a list of Valentine's-appropriate gifts for kids. 

A                         B  
C                           D

A. Red Tutu, $80.00 - Wearing every girl's dream princess/ballerina/fairy skirt, your little girl can hand out her Valentine's cards in style! 

B. Hand-knit lobster, $52.00 - Made of alpaca wool, this cuddly crustacean feels as soft as cashmere and teaches your little one that lobster stuffed animals need love too! 

C. Ladybug Girl Makes Friends, $5.99 - A story about friendship and fun, this book is the perfect companion to Valentine's Day!

D. Petit Bateau Striped Cotton Pj's, $53.00 - Cozy cotton in pink and white stripes makes this ensemble ideal for an end-of-the-day Valentine's snuggle. 

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Style Spotter: Petit Green on the Street!

Date: Wednesday, February 08, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

    Check out three-and-a-half-year-old Michael rocking our New York bow tie at a Columbus wedding. Way to impress the flower girl, Michael!
                                           NY Bow Tie; $23.00          

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Stella McCartney At Petit Green!

Date: Monday, February 06, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith


    Do you ever experience times when the stars feel perfectly aligned and all is right with the universe? That's how it feels at Petit Green right now! To complement the unusually bright and cheery February weather, our Stella McCartney Kids order made its glorious arrival this week! We recruited some seriously chic, sunny garments that only a seasoned Londoner like McCartney could create. Come visit the store to bask in the cuteness! 

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A Petit Green Sprinkle Party

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

   Generally the domain of first-time moms, baby showers are a chance for loved ones to "shower" a pregnant woman with love, affection, and, of course, gifts. But for the second, third, and succeeding pregnancies, the "sprinkle" tradition comes in handy. Like a shower, sprinkles are both fun and functional: while they allow parents to fete each pregnancy, for those whose next child is of a different sex than the first, sprinkles can also help ease the transition with gender-specific gifts. 

Lissy with her 3-year-old, Ellen, and husband, Teddy

   So when Petit Green's friend and client Lissy Hines became pregnant with her second child, we knew what to do. Though the name "sprinkle" implies a more subdued party than "shower," we pulled out plenty of stops. With a spread featuring Pistacia Vera confections, a stash of Petit Green presents, and Lissy trivia, the result was so buzz-worthy that Columbus Parent Magazine Editor Jane Hawes came to cover the details (now in the magazine's January issue!).

P1120708.JPG P1120728.JPG P1120706.JPG
Jane Hawes and some guests
The spread      
    Riley and Ellen        

    Despite the press coverage, the sprinkle was a low-key affair for Lissy's close friends and family. Petit Green laid out some sprinkle-specific gifts, including the Bugaboo Donkey Duo stroller (trust me when I say this is a dream stroller for parents of two!). The store also contributed an assortment of tried-and-true products, such as:

  • Wooden Pull Along Alligator
  • Natural Crayons and Crayon Rocks
  • BPA-Free Yellow Straw Cup
  • Tree Colored Pencils
  • Handmade Cotton Johnny Doll
  • Buckeyes A to Z
  • Lavender Baby Bath Gift Set
  • LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag in Milk
  • Dwell Studio Travel Case in Transportation
  • Moby Wrap in Black
  • Aden + Anais Butterfly Issie Blanket

     Thanks for reading! We hope you got some ideas, because every pregnancy deserves a celebration!

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Classic Items With a TWIST

Date: Wednesday, December 07, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

    'Tis the season for new things! If you, like us, scour the market for fresh, original products come the holidays, we've got you covered. Below is a list of our favorite classics - with a twist. These new products have great features - some familiar, some new, and all at Petit Green!

CLASSIC: Bugaboo's Donkey and Cameleon strollers.
           The Donkey  The Cameleon

TWIST: Spiffed-up strollers with a new food tray and seat liners!

Food Tray: $39.95 Seat Liner: $59.95

CLASSIC: Mommy's pretty yet off-limits jewels.

Photo via
TWIST: Mommy's chewable jewelry! Made of silicone (like pacifiers and nipples), this new line of teething-friendly baubles makes accomodating your baby chic! Stop by the store for our colorful array of bracelets and necklaces!

Jane Necklace - Turquoise-5.jpg
Chewable Jewelry: $11.50 to $36.00

CLASSIC: Cool-guy bow ties.

Screen Shot 2011-12-08 at 4_08_47 PM.png
Image via
TWIST: Bow ties for your little guy! Come into the store to decide whether you...

...let your little one channel Gordon Gee with the Columbus bow tie...IMG_4076.JPG
300.JPG...dress up both boy and girl with the New Orleans...

...or celebrate the holidays with the festive Arlington!
Bow Ties: $23.00

CLASSIC: Smelly, chemical-laden nail polish for grown-ups.

Photo via

   TWIST: Eco-friendly nail polish for all ages! Hypoallergenic and biodegradable thanks to its water-based formula, this polish comes in       pretty shades too!  We love the sheer, shimmery pink and aqua colors.

Nail Polish: $9.99

           We've also got some great in-store specials this month, so come visit us! Happy holiday shopping!

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Holiday Gift Guide

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

       The holidays are approaching quickly! Calm, cool, and armed with lists aplenty, you WILL finish seasonal shopping on time this year. We know you can do it, but if you're doubting yourself, we're here to help. Since a little organization goes a long way this time of year, we cooked up a holiday gift guide. Chaos will turn to order as you go through this roundup of Petit Green's favorite giftable items!


A - Organic Hand Puppets, $30; B - Wooden Shape Sorter, $32; C - Mr. X & Giant Mr. X, $34-400; D - Plush Organic Cat in the Hat, $29; E - Hansel Diaper Bag, $590; F - Gourmet Chef Kitchen, $130; G - Baby Bloch Gold Shoe, $50; H - Uppa Baby G-Luxe Stroller, $189.99; I - Eco Tea Set, $27.99; J - Wooden Cake Set, $18; K - Buckeyes A-Z, $14.95; L - Wooden Baby Car, $15; M - Eco Tree Colored Pencils, $8.95; N - Bamboo Motorcycle, $25.

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30 Amazing Gift Items Under 30!

Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Posted by: Griffin Ungar

Check out our amazing 30 gift items under $30! Items that mom and baby can both enjoy to make this holiday season extra special.

  • Organic Animal Storage Box, $27.99.
  • Single Muslin Swaddle Blanket, $20.
  • Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent, $16.
  • Eco Fire truck and Dump Truck, $27.95.
  • The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, $17.
  • Buckeyes A to Z, $14.95.
  • Eco Jump Rope, $12.
  • Eco Racing Cars, $8.99.
  • Eco Tug Boat, $14.99.
  • Holiday Poinsettia Headband, $10.
  • Ribbon Bird Necklace, $26.
  • Handmade Owl Barrette, $10.
  • Woodland Stamp and Colored Pencil Set, $24.
  • Creature Bath Cups, $14.
  • Knitted Animal Rattles, $18.
  • Non Toxic Nail Polish and Remover, $25.
  • Organic Art Supplies- Molding Dough, $12. Glue, Crayons, Rock Crayons $8 Each.
  • Tree Colored Pencils, $8.95.
  • Musti Baby Spray, $29.
  • Organic Chap Stuff, $11.50.
  • Chew Beads Necklace $29.50
  • Drool Monkey Lovie Blanket, $28.
  • Binky Straps, $9.
  • So Pure Giraffe Teether, $15.
  • Organic Cat in the Hat Stroller Toy, $16.
  • Vanilla Flavored 2 Pack Teething Rings, $12.50.
  • Organic Lamb Lovie Blanky, $25.50. Lamb Finger-puppet, $11.
  • Organic Knitted Duck Teether, $16.
  • Non Toxic Wooden Toys-Circle Train Set, $25. Fish Castinetv, $5. Floopy Eared Dog Rattle, $12. Pull Along Alligator, $20.
  • Owl Bowl, $4. Owl Plate, $6.

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Spotlight on: Rachel Zoe's Nursery

Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

          This month, I have been dutifully scrutinizing celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe's first pregnancy on Season 4 of Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project (you know, for research's sake...). I can reliably conclude from the "data" I've gathered that Petit Greeners and momma Zoe have a lot in common. Not only does Zoe love our muslin swaddles, hooded towels, and kiddie Ray-Bans ("sunnies" in Zoe-speak); but she also shares our love of sleek, modern nursery furniture. When Bravo debuted the new, beautifully decorated nursery in Zoe's L.A. abode, I noticed a few very familiar items. Turns out, the nursery features two of Petit Green's favorite pieces! Great minds!

               Photo via                  Offi Nest Bassinet in Walnut

              Photo via                Oeuf Mini Library in Walnut

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Your VIP Trade Show Pass

Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

      As a specialty baby boutique, Petit Green takes pride in combing the market year-round for innovative, chic, and eco-friendly child products that Babies R Us passed over. Trade shows are an essential part of Petit Green's yearly product hunt. These shows are private events, however, closed to the general public...until now! This year, I, your humble blogger, documented the spectacle of baby capitalism, and this stuff was staggering. I discovered some really great products and met interesting people along the way (to save you time, I shall skip the so-so products and the boring people). So consider this your VIP ticket into a world of wonder...and a preview of the new products Petit Green is bringing to Columbus!

Just a few of the nearly 7,000
trade-show booths

   One of the dominant themes among leading products was flexibility, a.k.a. the capacity to grow with your family and perform in multiple ways. From carseats to nightlights, diaper cream to swaddle blankets, Petit Green is especially drawn to flexible products because it has such dynamic clients with busy lives. PG's motto: the more uses for parent and child, the better!

   First off, I got a sneak peek at the breakout stroller stars from the beloved brand Orbit: the Double Helix™ stroller and the Helix Plus™ upgrade kit. Creating buzz throughout the blogosphere and beyond, the Double Helix™ is a complete double stroller with deluxe features like 6-wheel maneuverability and seats that BOTH swivel 360 degrees. This rotation feature allows your older children to pop themselves into their seats, then gaze at each other with sibling affection in good times and face opposite directions the rest of the time.... The Helix Plus™ upgrade kit super-sizes your Stroller G2™ to a complete Double Helix™, so you don't have to buy a brand new double stroller when baby number 2 arrives. You can also switch out different-sized seats: bassinet, carseat, infant seat, or toddler seat -- all fit the Double Helix™.

120 orbit.JPG 126 orbit helix.JPG
Orbit Baby Double Helix Stroller

Available this spring!

    I encountered another multi-function product in the form of twig and flower-shaped extensions for PG's unique grass-like drying racks.  Not only do these attachments look like pieces of art, but they also serve many functions beyond bottle-cap drying: these can act as stowing spots for all those little spare kitchen utensils after a handwash, or for delicate jewelry you remove during domestic duties.

173 boon.JPG 175 boon twig and flower.JPG
Twig and Flower Drying Rack Attachment

Sprouting at Petit Green this spring!

    Next, I came across a futuristic three-pronged object with little globes of light resting on each prong. As I photographed the object, wondering aloud what it was, Rob The Sales Rep advised me not to waste my camera on that shot. "Let me take you to our special closet," said Rob in a surprisingly un-creepy tone. After following him through an inconspicuous white door, I beheld a much more photo-worthy sight than the one that captivated me a few seconds ago. The "special closet" was a small dark space that showcased the glowing fabulosity in all its splendor. Rob explained that the objet d'art was actually a nightlight whose multicolored orbs of light were removable! The glowing spheres maintain their charge for up to 30 minutes, allowing the child (or adult, in my case) to carry them on a night-time potty trip or hold them while dozing off. What do pretty colors + light + genius multiple functions equal? A triumph of modern design that I could stare at for a reeeeally long time.

The Spectacular Nightlight

Coming this spring!

Yours truly, perhaps more excited than an adult should be about a nightlight.
195 boon.JPG  
Rob, who showed me the light
    At the end of my first day, I met spitfire redhead Melanie Mayron in our hotel lounge. Initial conversation led me to the following facts: Melanie was a) adorable, b)an actress from that hit 90s show "thirtysomething," and c) also in town for the trade show. Turns out Ms. Mayron started a line with organic ingredients in products for babies AND adults. She joked that instead of testing her wares on animals, she tested on fellow actresses' babies. Charmed and intrigued, I checked out her booth the next day and got to work testing samples. After anointing myself with Barrier Cream--a luscious ointment that works double duty on diaper rash and chapped adult skin--and Chapstuff--a hydrating, glossy balm for lips and cheeks--, I was transported to a calming aromatic universe of tangerine, lavender, and calendula. I left Melanie's booth soothed, moisturized, and sold.
147 mayron's.JPG  
Mayron's Baby Goods

At Petit Green now!

152 mayron's.JPG
Melanie Mayron
146 mayron's.JPG
"Tested on actresses' babies."

    Also on day two of the trade-show romp, I sidled up to Aden + Anais, the Aussie brand of muslin swaddle blankets coveted by supermodels and stay-at-home moms alike. Clients love the blankets not only for their durability, generous size, and adorably chic patterns, but also for their, drum roll...multiple uses! They work overtime as swaddle blankets, burp cloths, stroller covers, and more! Of course, we picked up the cozy new motifs from the Classic Muslin Collection, pictured below.

NEW For the Birds

NEW Liam the Brave

NEW Up, Up and Away

All new swaddle blankets in the store now!

Swaddle paradise

    Last, but certainly not least in this "Flexible Product" installation of trade show posts, comes the Graco Smart Seat™. Capable of holding 5-100lbs, this seat covers the entire span of your child's carseat-assisted life. Instead of ceding the job to multiple expensive carseats as your child grows, the Smart Seat™ will stick it out all the way to big-kidhood. You don't even need a kid to be impressed by Graco's carseat--just consider all the other kinds of precious cargo this thing could transport! Can you say Venetian-glass chandelier?

296 graco smart seat.JPG
Graco Smart Seat™

At Petit Green now!

    The smart, multi-purpose new products at Petit Green are as cute as they are functional. The store is currently carrying the last three products mentioned, while the first three are so new they're still in production! If you enjoyed reading about these newbies, keep checking the blog for news about more cutting-edge products!

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Party Report!

Date: Saturday, September 17, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

elyse's fave things 1.jpg

    Thanks to all of our friends for coming to celebrate Petit Green's 2nd anniversary! Our little corner of Polaris abounded with merriment all day August 16, as the party was a smash hit with kids and adults alike. (We seriously underestimated the grown-ups' enthusiasm for getting in touch with their inner child!)

girldumdums.jpg hunterjuicebar.jpg

      Kiddies got their sugar fix from assorted juices and the party-sized candy jar, while adults gravitated toward the Prosecco, Fiji water, and, well, party-sized candy jar....


     Around 3:30, local legend Angela Pace (10TV anchor and orator extraordinaire) provided entertainment with an animated reading of Mark Walter's
Buckeyes A to Z. Angela seemed to harness mystical sorceress powers while she successfully captivated a sugar-crazed audience of toddlers!


    Later, Mackee the Balloon Artist arrived on the scene, illustrating the mass appeal of balloon twisting by gathering an impressive crowd. Mackee artfully contorted balloons into poodles, crowns, airplanes,  swords (BIG crowd pleaser!), and more.

     In summary, fun was had by all. We look forward to more celebrations in the future!


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Petit Green's 2nd Anniversary Bash!

Date: Thursday, August 11, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith


    Hey there, kiddos, Moms, and Pops! Summer is coming to a close (boo!), and what better way to cap off a great summer than to throw a party? Next Tuesday, August 16, Petit Green will pull out all the stops to celebrate its 2-year anniversary. From 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., guests can enjoy hourly giveaways, a kiddie juice bar, an adult bar, and more! 

    Other party features will include:
  • Special Book Reading by Angela Pace at 3:30 p.m.
  • Mackie the Balloon Artist from 5 to 7 p.m.
  • Stroller + Car Seat Giveaway
  • Door Prizes
    To make it a day you can feel good about, a portion of all proceeds from the party will benefit Ronald McDonald House, a charity serving seriously ill children in central Ohio. We hope to see you there!

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Spotlight on: Ryan Baby Bag

Date: Thursday, June 16, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

       Once upon the early 90's, on an island mildly far away (Manhattan), an epic union was created: LeSportsac + the diaper bag.

   From the beloved 80's brand came the aptly named "Baby Bag," rigged with a back pocket for a changing pad, modified elastic pockets, and the label's signature sporty brand of chic.

   However, the bag attained "it" status when LeSportsac acquired a new mom as VP of Brand Development. Prioritizing functionality as only a busy new mom could, she collaborated with the design team on a bag that was big but not too big, with all the necessary accoutrements sans excess weight.

   And the Ryan Baby Bag was born. 



       Donned by Birkin-toting mommies on the streets of New York, the Ryan Baby Bag has risen high in the realm of must-have accessories. With stroller straps and multiple pockets, it is somehow one of the lightest diaper bags out there. We love the colors too; in addition to the colors above, we carry these adorable prints:


     The Ryan trend is Columbus-bound, so come into the store and try one out! 


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Griffin's Favorite Things

Date: Friday, June 03, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

    They say you should never fall in love at work, but when your job consists of playing with adorable, cuddly, smart products, special bonds are inevitable. Since the girls at Petit Green fall for new products on a regular basis, we decided to create a "Favorite Things" post, wherein the girls pick favorites and freely express their love. Today we asked Griffin, Petit Green's manager and general arbiter of good taste, to spill her most recent obsessions. She obliged, focusing on her fave infant-related products.

1. Aden + Anais Bamboo Swaddles, $40.00

Griffin says:
"These are great swaddling blankets because of their big size and soft texture. I also love how the patterns don't specifically scream baby; they're playful, yet sophisticated enough for adults. Mainly, though, I love how multi-functional they are: in addition to swaddling, you can use them for nursing, burping, shading from sun, lining cribs, etc."

2. Miyim Knitted Bunny Teether, $13.00

Griffin says:
"This is a really sweet, organic teether made of unbleached cotton instead of plastic, so there's nothing the baby can pull off and choke on. And it doubles as a rattler! The more uses for baby, the better."

3. BlaBla Sheep Mobile, $110.00

Griffin says:
"Just so soft and touchable. It's knit by Peruvian artisans from locally sourced materials that give it an incredibly soft texture. The details are beautiful--you can tell it's done by hand."

4. Pixie Lily Jersey Baby Sack in White, $52.00

Griffin says:
"This is a classic infant garment with really beautiful details for boy or girl. It's perfect for special occasions like baptisms or naming ceremonies. And the gathered hem eliminates the hassle of unfastening for an easy diaper change."

5. Musti Eau de Soin Spray, $29.00

Griffin says: "This just smells like baby! It's subtle and light, like a baby right out of the bath. I spray it on myself constantly to feel refreshed."

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It's Mother's Day!

Date: Sunday, May 08, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

    Time to wipe the spit-up off your neck, get back in bed, and let the worshipping commence! Having kids has undoubtedly changed your life - perhaps you see your body in a new light, are closer to your partner, or realize how much you appreciate your own mom (not to mention free daycare.) Whatever rewards motherhood has reaped for you, you deserve time to relax and enjoy them. 

    We recently sat down with friend/client Alicia, Mommy to 2-year-old Michael, for a chat about motherhood and how she plans to celebrate its official holiday. Michael welcomed us at the door with a hug and an immediate proposal:

michael.jpgMichael: Hi. Do you want to play with my toys?

Petit Green: Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! (Alas, we have to resist his big brown eyes as his father beckons him away from our interview.) Michael is adoorable. Does he know what Mother's Day is?

Alicia: I think so. This morning, when he and his father came home with a beautiful bouquet, he gave it to me and said, "Happy Mudder's Day!" He also painted flowers for me at school. 

PG: What does Mother's Day mean to you? 

A: Since having my son, it's become a time to reflect on what blessings kids are. I didn't always know I would be a mom - my doctor told us I would never get pregnant. Magically, after bouts of emotionally and physically arduous fertility treatments, an egg just popped up and became Michael! That whole process has made me extremely thankful for my son. Just yesterday, a woman at Lowe's said "Happy Mother's Day!" and I got goose bumps. I love being a mother. 

PG: Do you have any special plans on Sunday?

A: Michael, my mom, and I will do something outside, then get dressed up and go for a nice lunch. Weather permitting, Michael and I will plant flowers - he loves to help me plant. He's got his own shovel, hose, etc.!!

PG: So you're not going to lie around all day and let everyone bring you gifts?

A: Trust me, I love a good bag or shoes, but I have so much fun shopping for Michael. Even though he's a boy, he loves getting new stuff! I just got him the high-top Diesels and some True Religions, and he ran to the mirror to check himself out! He gets so excited!

PG: What is one of motherhood's biggest challenges?

A: Um, do you hear him? (Semi-joking, as Michael shrilly protests his father's enforcement of naptime nearby.) Trying to convince a 2-year-old he's not the boss of everything! He's also got a lot of energy for questioning and exploring, so we're constantly going...unless he's asleep. 

PG: How do you cope with this developmental stage, a.k.a. "the terrible twos?"

A: There's always a good balance. As much as you have the screeches and fits, you also have amazing milestones that keep you excited about his development. For example, he just started reciprocating "I love you." He's very affectionate. Watching his personality grow is extremely rewarding. 

PG: What do you most look forward to on Mother's Day?

A: It already happened! At his age, Michael wants the whole world to do what he wants, so it was nice for him to give me flowers and say, "These are for you, Mommy." I could tell he was conscious of altering my reality in a positive way. 

Much thanks to Alicia for being so warm and candid; we know there are oodles of mommies out there who can relate to you.
In conclusion, however you choose to spend this "Mudder's Day", we hope you have a happy one!


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Spotlight on: Ray-Ban Junior

Date: Friday, May 06, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith



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New blog coming soon!

Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Posted by: Kate Lindsmith

Hey there Petit Greeners!!!! Our blog is currently in the midst of a makeover, but we will have new, pretty posts soon! Thanks for supporting us this far, and we hope you'll stick around as we continue to expand our online presence!

Petit Green

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